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Definition of outcome for testers: includes outputs to screens, changes to data, reports, and.


Definition outcome

What means OUTCOME: The consequence/outcome of the execution of a test. It includes outputs to screens, changes to data, reports, and communication messages sent out. (actual result, expected result)

Definitions in QA testing such as outcome in Dictionary O.

Definition Operational Acceptance Testing:
Usage in the acceptance test phase, typically performed in a (simulated) operational environment by operations and/or systems administration staff focusing on operational aspects, e.g. recoverability outcome.
Definition Operational Profile Testing:
Usage Statistical testing using a model of system operations (short duration tasks) and their probability of typical use outcome.
Definition Orthogonal Array Testing:
Usage testing all-pair combination's of variables using orthogonal arrays. It significantly reduces the number of all combination's of variables to test all pair combination's. (pairwise outcome.
Definition Output:
Usage A variable (whether stored within a component or outside) that is written by a component outcome.
Definition Output Domain:
Usage The set from which valid output values can be selected. (domain outcome.
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