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Definition of pair testing for testers: an end-user and a tester, working together to find defects.


Definition pair testing

What means PAIR TESTING: Two persons, e.g. two testers, a developer and a tester, or an end-user and a tester, working together to find defects. Typically, they share one computer and trade control of it while testing

Definitions in QA testing such as pair testing in Dictionary P.

Definition Probe Effect:
Usage component or system by the measurement instrument when the component or system is being measured, e.g. by a performance testing tool or monitor. For example performance may be slightly worse when pair testing.
Definition Product Risk:
Usage A risk directly related to the test object. (risk pair testing.
Definition Procedure Testing:
Usage Testing aimed at ensuring that the component or system can operate in conjunction with new or existing users’ business procedures or operational procedures pair testing.
Definition Performance Profiling:
Usage profiles in performance, load and/or stress testing. Profiles should reflect anticipated or actual usage based on an operational profile of a component or system, and hence the expected workload pair testing.
Definition Postcondition:
Usage Environmental and state conditions that must be fulfilled after the execution of a test or test procedure pair testing.
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