seven layer referencemodel what is
Definition OSI Seven Layer referencemodel term. Meaning Seven Layer reference model, See OSI Seven.


OSI Seven Layer referencemodel definition

Explanation OSI Seven Layer referencemodel what is: Seven layer reference model Normally refers to the OSI Seven Layer reference model, See OSI Seven Layer reference model.

Define Oracle Call Interface:
Use OCI Oracle Call Interface. A set of low-level APIs provided by Oracle for an application to use to interface to an Oracle database osi seven layer referencemodel definition.
Define Open Systems Interconnection / Open Source Initiative:
Use Interconnection. See OSI 7 Layer Reference Model 2. Open Source Initiative. A non-profit organisation dedicated to managing and promoting the Open Source Definition for the good of the community osi seven layer referencemodel explain.
Define Organisation Promoting The Development Of Free Software:
Use Free Software Foundation Organisation aiming to promote the development of free software. See also GNU. Relevant links: osi seven layer referencemodel what is.
Define Outlook Express / Operator Error / Office Equipment:
Use Express. A free email and newsreader from Microsoft that is normally bundled with Internet Explorer. 2. Operator Error. Also known as "human error". Refers to any error that is caused by a osi seven layer referencemodel meaning.
Define Open Location Services:
Use OLS Open Location Services (Open-LS). See also OpenLS osi seven layer referencemodel abbreviation.

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