integration functional what is
Definition of functional integration for testers: systems for the purpose of getting a basic.


Definition functional integration

What means FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION: An integration approach that combines the components or systems for the purpose of getting a basic functionality working early. (integration testing)

Definitions in QA testing such as functional integration in Dictionary F.

Definition False-Pass Result:
Usage A test result which fails to identify the presence of a defect that is actually present in the test object functional integration definition.
Definition Fishbone Diagram:
Usage representation used to organize and display the interrelationships of various possible root causes of a problem. Possible causes of a real or 14 potential defect or failure are organized in functional integration explain.
Definition Failure Mode:
Usage functional manifestation of a failure. For example, a system in failure mode may be characterized by slow operation, incorrect outputs, or complete termination of execution. been finished. Exit functional integration what is.
Definition Finite State Machine:
Usage A computational model consisting of a finite number of states and transitions between those states, possibly with accompanying actions functional integration meaning.
Definition Feature:
Usage An attribute of a component or system specified or implied by requirements documentation (for example reliability, usability or design constraints functional integration abbreviation.
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