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  • What is Bulletin Board System / Be Back Soon Definition for storing information and messages that can be accessed by other computers. Typically accessed by dial-up, Bulletin Boards pre-date the internet. Bulletin Board Systems were a forerunner to Forums compare
  • What is Controller Domain Backup Explain Windows NT domain, one domain controller is the primary (the PDC) and any other domain controllers are backup ones. Each BDC synchronises regularly with the PDC, and can provide the same services as why
  • What is Brand New With Tags What is used to describe clothing that is being sold via a route often used for second hand goods (such as auctions), to describe clothing that is new (i.e. not used) and still has the original tags how better
  • What is File Of Beginning Meaning BOF Beginning Of File. cf EOF when
  • What is Before Common Era, Before Christian Era Abbreviation that a year is before the believed year of birth of Christ. BCE otherwise has the same significance as BC. BCE is an attempt to remove references to Christ from the common dating system, which uses H determines
  • What is Been There Done That How to Done That. When used in a conversation this indicates that the person has been in a similar situation and done something discussed or suggested in the conversation comparing to
  • What is Protocol Bootstrap Help allowing a (possibly) diskless network computer to be booted, downloading configuration (such as its IP address) and the operating system from a server over the network depends on
  • What is Binary Coded Decimal / Boot Configuration Data Crossword BCD 1. Binary Coded Decimal. A system of representing a decimal digit using four binary bits (a nibble): 0000 = 0  0001 = 1  0010 = 2  0011 = 3  0100 = 4 0101 = 5  0110 = 6  0111 = 7  1000 = 8  which
  • What is Brand New In Box Examples commonly used on auction sites to denote that the item for sale is brand new and still in the original box.Whilst BNIB indicates that the item is new and this normally implies that the item is difference
  • What is Black List / Boundary Layer / Back Link / Block List Encyclopedia details. 2. Boundary Layer.In a GIS context a boundary layer is a feature layer on a map which contains boundaries (for example district or regional boundaries). In other contexts a boundary layer is when
  • What is Now For Bye Information about B4N Chat abbreviation: Bye For Now pros and cons
  • What is Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code Tutorial Instruction Code. A high level programming language which has been widely used, particularly since the advent of personal computers. Originally an unstructured programming language, the language has similarities
  • What is Digit Binary Error Bit Binary digIT. The fundamental unit of binary notation and storage. 0 (off) or 1 (on). There are 8 bits to a byte how much
  • What is Budget Cost for Work Performed Answer BCWP Budget Cost for Work Performed how many
  • What is Systems Information Business Means what BIS Business Information Systems compare
  • What is Second Per Bits Description rate. Used when specifying connection speeds across networks. When calculating the maximum throughput across a network remember that network communications itself has some overhead, so as a rule of why
  • What is Standard British Definition BS British Standard how better
  • What is Network Developer Borland Explain BDN Borland Developer Network. Relevant links: http://bdn.borland.com - Borland Developer Network Home Page when
  • What is Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol / Beep sound What is Protocol. A set of building blocks for creating customised protocols. Relevant links: www.beepcore.org. 2. The "beep" sound emitted from a PC's speaker, for example at start-up determines
  • What is Pixel Per Bits Meaning encoding a colour image the number of bits per pixel indicates the number of possible colours (or grayscales). Typically bpp is one of: BPP Number of Colours Description 1 bit 2 normally black and comparing to
  • What is Object Helper Browser Abbreviation DLL that can attach itself to every new instance of Internet Explorer, allowing Internet Explorer events to be intercepted and providing access to the browser window and document object model depends on
  • What is Way The By How to BTW Abbreviation: By The Way which
  • What is Bit Error Rate / Beyond Economic Repair Help transmitting digital data, BER is the percentage or proportion of bits that are in error (i.e. incorrectly received or missing). 2. Beyond Economic Repair. Something is beyond economic repair when it difference
  • What is Blue Screen of Death Crossword BSOD Blue Screen of Death. See Blue Screen for details when
  • What is Language Scripting Browser Examples usually run in a viewer's browser. JavaScript is used to create dynamic web pages (i.e. pages that change in some way when viewed in a browser), such as image rollovers and menus. JavaScript was pros and cons
  • What is Protocol Transaction Business Encyclopedia protocol that confirms to XML. It is based on a multi-layer transaction model that allows users to be independent of resource managers, whilst incorporating corporate servers into Web services similarities
  • What is Bit map image / Basic Multilingual Plane Information about files normally have the file extension .bmp. 2. Basic Multilingual Plane. Relevant links: www.unicode.org/roadmaps/bmp/ - roadmap to the BMP. Contributed by Kenneth Nellis how much
  • What is Borland Package Library / Broadband over Power Lines Tutorial A dynamic link library used by Delphi applications.Most Borland Delphi applications are compiled as standalone applications, incorporating copies of all the functions it required. By using BPLs the how many
  • What is Intelligence Business Error BI Business Intelligence compare
  • What is Protocol Gateway Border Answer BGP Border Gateway Protocol why
  • What is New Brand Means what BN Brand New. Abbreviation occasionally used on on-line auction sites to indicate that the item for sale is new how better
  • What is Transfer Bit Block Description copying or transfer of a block of data (bits) representing an image from one memory location to another. Typically the destination is a (memory mapped) display, printer or bitmap, and Blitting an when
  • What is Best Current Practice / Bridging Control Protocol / Bulk Copy Process / Business Continuity Plan Definition Bridging Control Protocol. 3. Bulk Copy Process (or Bulk Copy Program). A utility provided with SQL Server databases for bulk copying of data, such as between a database and a file.Relevant links determines
  • What is Basic Service Set Identification Explain BSSID Basic Service Set Identification. The BSSID is the identifying name of an ad-hoc wireless network. BSSID is one type of SSID (the other being ESSID comparing to
  • What is Basic Input/Output System What is BIOS provides an interface between a computer's operating system and the computer's hardware. Unlike the operating system the BIOS is built into the computer and thus is always available. Many depends on
  • What is Binary / Binary program folder / Logical container / Bank IdentificationNumber Meaning meaning the binary number system (base 2) or binary data. 2. A folder (directory) that contains binary executable programs. For example /bin and /usr/bin on UNIX systems or /cgi-bin for web-servers which
  • What is Form Naur Backus Abbreviation Backus Normal Form. A formal style for specifying the syntax of programming languages and commands. Relevant links: http://burks.brighton.ac.uk/burks/foldoc/99/9.htm Contributed by Ken difference
  • What is Time Summer British How to period between the last Sunday in March through to the last Sunday in October when the clocks are moved forward by one hour (at 1am in the morning). cf GMT and DST. BST = GMT + 1, so 16:00 GM when
  • What is Index Mass Body Help indication of obesity.The Body Mass Index for a person is calculated by dividing the individual's weight in kg by their height in meters squared. The resulting BMI figure gives an indication of pros and cons
  • What is Berkley Internet Name Domain Crossword BIND Berkley Internet Name Domain similarities
  • What is Background Intelligent Transfer Service Examples BITS Background Intelligent Transfer Service. Relevant links: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/bits/bits/bits_start_page.asp how much
  • What is Binary Interchange File Format / To hit Encyclopedia BIFF 1. Binary Interchange File Format. 2. To hit or strike a blow how many
  • What is Builder C Borland Information about abbreviation used to refer to Borland's C++ Builder, an integrated development for C++.Relevant links: http://www.borland.com/downloads/download_cbuilder.html - Download page for trial versions compare
  • What is Completion At Budget Tutorial BAC Budget At Completion. The total of all budgets allocated to a project, includes for example the budgets allocated to any sub-projects why
  • What is Bill of Materials / Byte Order Mark Error Mark. A prefix to a unicode file that indicates the byte ordering of the file. Contributed by Kenneth Nellis. Relevant links: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/intl/unicode_42j how better
  • What is Grid National British Answer grid system used in Britain, based on the OSGB36 datum. Relevant links: www.answers.com/topic/british-national-grid-reference-system - Information on the British National Grid. http://en.wiki when
  • What is Best And Final Offer Means what BAFO Best And Final Offer. Contributed by Kenneth Nellis determines
  • What is Christ Before Description BC Before Christ. It denotes that a year is before  the believed year of birth of Christ.cf AD (Anno Domini comparing to
  • What is Consumer To Business Definition B2C Business to Consumer. Normally used in the context of a business providing products or services aimed at a consumer, i.e. at and end-user and not at another business. cf B2B depends on
  • What is Unit Thermal British Explain defined as the energy required to increase the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. BTUs are typically used to rate air conditioners (and some heaters). To convert from BTUs t which
  • What is Copy Carbon Blink What is BCC Blink Carbon Copy. An e-mail or memo that is BCC'd to someone is copied to that person, but without the knowledge of the other recipients of the e-mail or memo. cf CC difference
  • What is Line On Books Meaning to refer to documentation provided with Microsoft's SQL Server product, which is known as Books On Line. 2. Books On Line. Abbreviation used to refer to free or paid books that can be viewed or when
  • What is Budget Cost for Work Scheduled Abbreviation BCWS Budget Cost for Work Scheduled pros and cons

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Windows Budget Cost for Work Scheduled definition Books On Line explain Blink Carbon Copy what is British Thermal Unit meaning Business to Consumer abbreviation Before. explain.

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